[ Cohana ] Himeji Leather Pouch ( 45-049, 45-050, 45-051, 45-052, 45-053 )

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Leather drawstring pouch in "Cohana" brand from Kawaguchi, Japanese manufacturer.

Vibrantly colored and easy to carry around, this elegant leather pouch can be used for sewing notions and accessories or even as a purse.

It is made from Himeji white-tanned leather, a soft, leather processed using tannins extracted from plants instead of chemical-based tanning agents. This process of "white tanning" results in a product with a distinctive cream-colored finish that takes dye readily.

Our partners at Yoshikawa Leather Studio specialize in white leatherworking and dye our Himeji Leather Pouches expertly in Cohana's signature colors. The bag, reminiscent of a plump flower bud, expands like a flower in bloom when the strings are loosened. A wood button cut across the grain adds a craftsy touch to the drawstrings.

[ Product size ]
Bottom Diameter 85mm
Height 50mm
* All measurements are for reference. Please note in advance that the actual dimensions and weight of the product may slightly vary.

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