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Pincuchion in wooden square box in "Cohana" series from Kawaguchi, Japanese manufacture.

Japanese masu, wooden measuring boxes, have a 1,300-year history. This skill and culture has been handed down by Ohashi Ryoki in Ogaki, Gifu prefecture. This little mamemasu wooden box, created with delicate craftsmanship, has been turned into a lovely pincushion that fits snugly in the palm of your hand. It is made from fragrant Japanese cypress, using dovetail joinery to securely hold the shape of the box. The skills of a craftsman have produced a beautiful and functional Mame Masu that is just 15mm(0.6 inch) square. The fabric on the pincushion is a high-quality linen woven in Hamamatsu, which allows needles to pass smoothly through fabric. The colors of the glass head pins match the pincushion.

Pincushion / Gifu, Shizuoka, Osaka of the bean measure
[Ohashi ability] Ogaki-shi, Gifu
A Japanese "measure" with the history of 1300. It is Ohashi ability in Ogaki-shi, Gifu to have tried for the technique and tradition of the culture.
The skill of 匠 creating functional products beautifully is made use of in the bean measure of only the 15mm corner.

<product size>
Main Unit The side: Approximately 15mm, length: Approximately 15mm, thickness: Approximately 20mm
[making pin] Full length: Approximately 37mm, a dragonfly ball diameter: Approximately 5mm, thickness: Approximately 0.5mm
(the length of the needle is mixed up to some extent by 溶着 of the dragonfly ball.)

<careful in the handling>
* The measure may seem difference in color and grain of wood for a tree.
The linen of the cloth of the pincushion is dyeing time, weather; such as uneven coloring or the wrinkle is characteristic.
Please enjoy all as a texture of the natural material.
* Storage and the direct rays of the sun at the high temperature and humid place, the high temperature immediate drying cause breaking, the nicotine mold.
* Because the making pin is handmade, size and a design include unevenness.
* I may come off when I strongly pull a part of the glass.
* After use, for prevention of rust, please wipe off sweat or fat.
* As stitch is sharp, and it is dangerous, please be careful in loss, the handling of the needle enough.
* Please be careful when you use it other than sewing as it causes damage and the injury.
* Please keep it out of reach of infants.

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