[ Cohana / Limited Edition SAKURA 2023 ] Tombo-dama Sewing Pins ( 25-286 )

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Beautiful SAKURA Pink Sewing Pins inspired by cherry blossoms.

Artisans utilize the manufacturing techniques of Tombo-dama, using special made millefiori, glass rod, inspired by SAKURA made in-house, carefully welding each piece by hand. Millefiori rods are heated in the flame of a burner, carefully shaped and extruded, then attached to the pin.

Pins are supple yet durable, and manufactured in Hiroshima, a city with a 300-year history of high-quality needle production. Rigorous quality control ensures unified thickness and length of pins, and their ability to pierce cloth with ease.

3 Sewing Pins
The set includes three different types of cherry blossom motifs.

Producing Regions : Osaka & Hiroshima

[ Producer ]
Kinari Glass | Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture
Kinari Glass was established in 1994 in Osaka City as a company manufacturing glass beads, materials and tools for glass craft.
In 2000, the company succeeded in developing an eco-friendly lead-free craft glass and obtained a patent for it.
Each producer brings out the best in glass and carefully produces each item with care and attention.

[ Products size ]
Full length 35mm
Tombo-dama bead diameter 5mm
Thickness 0.5mm
* All measurements are for reference. Please note in advance that the actual dimensions and weight of the product may slightly vary.
* The length of the needle will be slightly different due to the welding of the Tombo-dama glass beads.

[ Package Size ]
Width 60mm
Height 60mm
Depth 3mm

[ Materials ]
Glass, Nickel plate, Steel

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