Small Scissors with Gold Lacquer Art (Winter Gold) C20

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 [ 2020 winter limited item Winter Gold]

Cohana's theme color for Winter Limited Edition 2020 is "Winter Gold."
Creamy Beige White with Elegant Gold that brings you warmth and joyful feelings of winter.
Winter Gold items are in limited quantities for a limited time only.

The mini-scissors were created by Hasegawa Cutlery, a manufacturer of edged tools established in 1933 and located in Seki, Gifu Prefecture, Japan’s foremost cutlery-making town. You can cut with these scissors by gripping them with your fingers and pinching lightly. 
Despite their small size, these cute mini-scissors have great cutting ability. 
They are the product of a scissors manufacturer’s pride; time-tested. reliable craftsmanship; inventive ideas; and the production technology that forms their foundation. 
The small silk tassels are carefully handmade by Imasato, a specialist in tassels and knots founded in 1907 and located in Yame, Fukuoka Prefecture. 

[ Size of scissors ]
Whole length: about 105mm
Width: about 53mm
Thickness: about 10mm

* You may feel the pallery smell of the product. Because it uses natural materials of "paulownia box" and "lacquer paint", it is a natural smell immediately after production, and it is not harmful. * The fabric to protect the product has a particular smell, but it becomes thinner over time.

[How to handle] 
・When scissors get wet with water, for prevention of rust, please wipe off water well. 
・Bite alignment of the blade worsens when you cut a hard thing forcibly and becomes a cause to damage a blade. 
・You drop it and cause the damage when you give a shock. 
・After use, put it in the case, and please keep it. 
・As the case uses genuine leather, you may expand and contract to some extent. You may cause discoloration, the stain when you get wet with water and sweat. 
・As for the tassel, color sweat and a change of color may be caused by friction, moisture, ultraviolet rays as a silk characteristic. 
・Please keep it out of reach of infants. 

* As our product is being sold in the actual shop and the online shop in parallel, there is a possibility that it may be sold out. Please kindly cancel the order if this happens.