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Antibacterial! Non-contact ring for touching buttons without direct contact.
Simple ring that is easy for both men and women to use.

After the outbreak of the new coronavirus, the ring was born based on the voices of people who were concerned about direct contact with a part of the body that is touched by an unspecified number of people. 
The simple design of the ring makes it inconspicuous and easy to blend in with fashion, even when used on a daily basis.

It supports touch panels.
It also supports pressure-sensitive touch panels such as ATMs.
Furthermore, by adding conductive resin to plastic that does not conduct electricity, it is also compatible with electrostatic touch panels such as smartphones and tablets.
* It may be difficult to react depending on the equipment used and the protective sheet.

Antibacterial and antiviral with the power of copper.
Mr. Barrier contains copper powder with antibacterial and antiviral performance by the free blend (FBI) method.
The development of a plastic ring that has the antibacterial and antiviral functions of copper has been realized. 

What is the Free Blend (FBI) method?
Normally, when making plastic products, the resin powder is processed into granules called pellets, but this process is omitted, and the resin powder and the target agent are mixed and directly molded by taking advantage of the characteristics of the material.
* Antibacterial function does not suppress the growth of all bacteria.
* We do not guarantee 100% effectiveness against all viruses.

Reduces static electricity!
The conductive resin reduces the shock when static electricity is discharged from the human body. Touch the metal such as the doorknob with the ring worn directly on your skin. It gently discharges static electricity through the ring. 
Regarding static electricity, there are individual differences in the reduction effect depending on the amount of charge in the human body. If the amount of charge is high or the contact time is short, it may not be possible to completely reduce static electricity. 

S size-About No.13-14, About 17.3mm in inner diameter
M size-About No.18-19, About 18.8mm in inner diameter
L size-About No. 23-24, About 20.5mm in inner diameter

Material: Polypropylene, copper powder, carbon 
Made in Japan

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