[ Cohana / Limited Edition SAKURA 2023 ] Temari Pincushion Necklace Set SAKURA ( 45-288 )

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A Small Handmade SAKURA Temari Pincushion.

Spring-colored yarns dyed with plants and trees from a variety of natural materials are use for the handmade Temari. Each stitch of the Sakura-patterned Temari is carefully finished by an artisan.

The curvy wooden base is made of fragrant Japanese cypress from the Kii Mountains. With the leather strap attached, you can enjoy it as a necklace.

A SAKURA-colored sewing pin is included to make needlework more pleasant..

Producing Regions : Tokyo, Nara, Hiroshima

[ Producer ]
Temari balls | NONA Temari and Natural Dyes / Tokyo
As if to receive lives again from nature, they carefully take colors from plants and trees, dye the threads, and produce temari with the threads. Conveying tradition to the present with a new sensibility, they create products that are new, yet somehow remind us of the sense of time spent for traveling.

Cypress Wooden Base | Nakauchi / Nara
Founded in 1914 as a button manufacturer. The company plans a wide variety of materials and parts. They apply the know-how they have cultivated over many years of experience in handling clothing accessories to the pursuit of beauty and the search for creativity.

[ Product Size ]
Temari Pincushion / Diameter 33mm, Height 35mm, Full length 105mm
Sewing Pin / Length 37mm, Pin Thickness 0.5mm
Leather Strap / Length 80cm
* All measurements are for reference. Please note in advance that the actual dimensions and weight of the product may slightly vary.

[ Package Size ]
Width 78mm
Height 45mm
Depth 77mm

[ Materials ]
Temari: Cotton, Wool
Wooden base: wood (Cypress)
Tag, Strap: Genuine leather
Sewing pin: Glass, Nickel plate, Steel

[ Handling Precautions ]
* Pulling on the threads of the temari can cause them to fray. Please note that we cannot replace or repair the product in the unlikely event that the temari unravels or is damaged during use.
* Yarn is dyed with natural plants and trees, so there may be uneven coloring. Colors may migrate if left in wet condition. Fading or discoloration may occur due to friction, moisture, or ultraviolet rays.
* The base is made of natural wood, so each product may vary in color and grain.
* The base may crack or deform in hot and humid places.
* The tar from the cypress may cause stickiness. Wipe with alcohol to remove the stickiness.
* The glass top of the sewing pin may come off if you pull hard.
* Pin should be wiped clean of sweat, grease, etc. after use to prevent rusting.
* The needle tip is sharp and dangerous, so please handle with care and be careful not to lose it.。
* Use for anything other than sewing may result in damage or injury.
* Make sure that the needle does not completely fall into the pincushion.
* Tag and strap are made of genuine leather and may stretch slightly. Wetting with water or sweat may cause color fading or staining.
* Keep out of reach of infants.

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