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* Orders of fabric are in units of 0.1m. The minimum order is 0.1m.
* Price is per 0.1m.
* How to enter in the quantity column: 0.3m → 5 / 0.6m → 6 / 1m → 10
* Fabric width is about 1.1m (normal size).

Linen blend (80% cotton 20% linen) canvas fabric with large polka dots on a taupe background.
As the polka dots are not accurate circles, it gives a fashionable atmosphere.
Recommended for single-piece fabric bags, pouches, interior goods, and kitchen accessories.

The customer who oreders 0.4m or more of the fabrics in 2022-01-A17, A18, A19 will get the free English instruction of "Polka Dots Caramel Pouch".
You can make 4 pouches with 0.4m of both the outer fabric and the backing fabric.
Finish size of "Polka Dots Caramel Pouch" (about): 8cm length, 13cm width, 8cm gusset width

Recommended roduct: 
"2022-01-A01" for the backing faric combined with 2022-01-A18 (0.4m is required.)
"2022-01-A05" for the backing fabric combined with 2022-01-A17 (0.4m is required.)
"Linen Stripe Tape, 15mm width, 3 Colors Set"
"Ball Chain Zipper, Oxidized type, 20 cm, Thin"

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