Half-sleeve Blouse "b" (without instructions and patterns) in "Yoko Saito, Simple Clothes and Little Things I Want to Make Now"

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* This is a kit, not a completed product.
* This kit doesn't include instructions, patterns, and photos. Please refer to "Yoko Saito, Simple Clothes and Little Things I Want to Make Now".
* This kit doesn't include a sewing thread.
* Fabrics in the material kit differ from the sample because of a stock-out.
* Please note that the color on the sample in the book may be little different from the real item due to the printing condition.

Material kit of half-sleeve blouse introduced in "Yoko Saito, Simple Clothes and Little Things I Want to Make Now". 
The loose-fitting half-sleeved blouse has a youthful design with side slits.
The moderately packed neckline gives a neat impression.
If it is plain navy, you can wear it like a T-shirt.

* The fabric in the material kit is not the same as the sample, but it is the same material and color.

Material: 48% linen, 52% viscose
* By blending viscose (a type of rayon material) with linen material, it has a refreshing feeling and adds suppleness to the fabric! 

* Cautions for washing
Since it shrinks easily, it is recommend putting it in a laundry net and washing it in a hand-washing course, or hand-washing and dry-cleaning.
* Caution for ironing
The limit is 160 ℃, and medium temperature (140-160 ℃) or steam iron is recommended.
It is recommended to use a patch and iron because the temperature does not rise and the fabric is not directly affected. 

Finish size (about):
M Bust 114cm Sleeve length 20.5cm Blouse length 65.5cm
L   Bust 118cm    Sleeve length 21cm      Sleeve length 66cm
LL  Bust 124cm   Sleeve length 21.5cm Sleeve length 66.5cm

Material kit content: Linen blend viscose 140cm width x 110cm width length

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