Fabric Set for 10 House Blocks (without instructions / Quilt top and Backing sold separately) in Sutekini (Fantastic) Handmade, Apr 2023 - Jan 2024 issue"

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* This is a kit, not a completed product.
* This kit doesn't include instructions, patterns, and photos. Please refer to "Sutekini (Fantastic) Handmade, February 2024 issue".
* This kit doesn't include a sewing thread.
* Fabrics in the kit may differ from the sample because of a stock-out.
* Please note that the color on the sample in the book may be little different from the real item due to the printing condition.

Material kit of "10 pattern blocks" introduced in "Sutekini (Fantastic) Handmade, Apr 2023 - Jan 2024 issue".

New Series project "Yoko Saito, Let's Build A Town with Houses!" has started from April 2023 issue.
Every month, you will make one three-dimensional house and one house pattern.
In the March 2024 issue, you will assemble the patterns into two tapestries.
With tapestries and house figurines, create your own town.

Fabric set for 10 pattern blocks.

"Quilt Top A, B" and "Backing Fabric for "Tapestry A, B (Pattern)" are sold separately.

Contents: Fabrics, Embroidery threads

Size of each block (about) :
April 2023: House with Yellow windows 17.4cm L, 17.4cm W
May 2023: Barn with Gambrel Roof 17.4cm L, 17.4cm W
June 2023: Lodge 17.4cm L, 17.4cm W
July 2023: Clock Tower 17.4cm L, 23.4cm W
August 2023: Factory 17.4cm L, 20.4cm W
September 2023: Teracced House, 18.4cm L, 17.4cm W
October 2023: Flat 17.4cm L, 19.4 W
November 2023: School 25.4cm L,17.4cm W
December 2023: Flower Shop 17.4cm L, 19.4cm W
January 2024: Church 24.4cm L, 17.4cm W

Finish size of tapestry (about) : A 109cm×38cm, B 104×38cm ( including seam allowances)

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