Bedspread with Simple Patch 5

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* This is kit, not completed product.
* This kit doesn't include sewing thread and batting.
* Fabrics in the kit may differ from the sample because of stock-out.

This time, you will make 48 nine-patch patterns using the leftover fabric from the past plus the fabrics in this kit.
Once you have the base fabric and the necessary number of haggis, you can start creating without thinking too hard about the color scheme.
Prepare 48 pieces of 12cm squares fabrics as well, and join them all together.

Video for nine patch and joining patterns made in 1-4 together.

Kit contents:
Fabrics for nine patch 12cm×17cm 12 pcs
Fabrics for A 110cm x 42cm 1 pc
          110cm x 14cm 2 pcs

Size of pattern (about): 12cm×12cm
Expected Completion size of bedspread (about): 164cm×164cm

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