Tulip, Awl with Cushion Grip

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Awl with cushion grip.
It is the sharp-pointed tool for making small holes.

[Round tip (grey) ]
It is very useful for assembling the parts of "Pochet with Criss Cross"
It is also recommended for inserting the fabrics evenly into the channel of metal frame (Gamaguchi).

[Extra fine (pink) ]
It is recommended for "Small Tapestry with Cat, Pig, Bird".
This extra fine awl is perfect for making a cardboard template of patchwork precisely.
It has a long grip, and it is easy and useful for you to work with it.

[Craft (navy)]
It is very useful to install a fabric into a narrow gap.
This convenient awl is an essential making aid for fine works.
It is also recommended for making an accessory such as brooch. 

Size : 14cm whole length, with protect cap

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