web20200420-03, Organic Cotton Double Gauze, 150cm (1.5m) pre-cut (with Japanese instruction for Mask)

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A little thick double gauze with 100% organic cotton.
It is a domestic product that is woven and processed in Japan using 100% organic cotton yarns.
Harmful chemicals such as chemical fertilizers and herbicides are NEVER used for the growth purposes of cotton.
It is the most environmentally friendly material.
It features a soft texture by dyeing with the unique special processing methods. 

It feels good on the skin, so it is recommended to use it as a towel or stole.
It is also recommended for the inside layer of the mask.
If you use a dark colored gauze on the inside layer of the mask, you don't mind if the mask gets makeup on.

The customer who orders "web20200420-03, Organic Cotton Double Gauze, 150cm (1.5m) pre-cut" will get the free Japanese instruction for Mask. 
Please change the size of the paper pattern as you like . 
"Stretch cord" is used as the rubber of the mask. 
About 60 to 70 cm is used for each mask.

Size (about): 150cm length ×108cm width 

"30cm (0.3m) pre-cut"  "60cm (0.6m) pre-cut"  "100cm (1m) pre-cut"


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