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Miraculous fabric is cool, refreshing, deodorant fabric. 
It is especially recommended for summer masks. 
As it is a special spun yarn, it is safe, secure and gently wraps the skin.


As it uses natural fibers, it is gentle on the skin.
It is perfect for the outer of summer mask  (Gauze is recommended for its lining.)
You may insert a nose wire in the nose part so that it can be shaped. 

The customer who orders "web20200620-03" will get the free Japanese instruction for Mask. 
Please change the size of the paper pattern as you like . 
"Stretch cord" is used as the rubber of the mask. 
About 60 to 70 cm is used for each mask.

Material: Polyester 46%, rayon 38%, cotton 18%

Size of fabric (about): 30cm L×155cm W,  1 piece
* * With a width cut of 30 cm x 155 cm, you can make 5 or 6 3D masks on both sides, 10 to 12 on the back side only, and 2 to 3 square masks.

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