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* Orders of fabric are in units of 0.1m. Minimum order is 0.1m.
* Price is per 0.1m.
* Fabric width is 1.42m.
* How to enter in the quantity column: 0.1m = 1 / 0.5m = 5 / 1m = 10

Hygroscopic and cool double gauze with xylitol processing.
It adopts "moisture absorption and coolness" that utilizes the dissolution heat absorption by the newly developed component, which is different from the generally known "contact coolness" processing.
It absorbs moisture such as sweat and gives a cool feeling, so it keeps a cool feeling and is more comfortable.
* Repeated washing will gradually reduce the effect.
Material 100% cotton / Made in Japan

Recommended for mask, pillow cover, bedding cover, duvet cover, underwear, pajamas, room wear, baby wear , etc.

* As our product is being sold in the actual shop and the online shop in parallel, there is a possibility that it may be sold out. Please kindly cancel the order if this happens.