Quilt Japan, January (Winter) 2023 issue (with 2023 Calender)

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Quilt Japan, January (Winter) 2023 issue from Vogue Inc.
Quilt party staff Satomi Funamoto's work "Wedding Ring Bag" is posted.
* "Quilt Japan" is the quarterly magazine published four times a year by Japan Vogue Inc.

Satomi Funamoto's work, "Double Wedding Ring Tote Bag" is introduced in this issue.
*Satomi Funamoto is one of the great quilt creater in Japan, and works with Yoko Saito in Quilt Party.  (We offer the material kit of this work in Quilt Party.)
* It includes the separate appendix "2023 Quilt Japan Calendar".

Special feature 1: Heartwarming Japanese quilts, from gorgeous masterpieces to ornaments, and accessories for next year's zodiac rabbit. Everyone's favorite motif "Heart".
Special feature 2: The quilt of Sunbonnet Sue, the eternal idol of patchwork.
Bags and pouches are full of nostalgic and new Sue.

In addition to the popular series, the announcement of winning works for the 6th Quilt Japan Contest, "New bags and pouches by popular artists", "Doll Festival" quilt, "Yonako Maruya's Aomori Letter", "Kumiko Fujita's Making Small Items and Coloring Notes", and Sanae Kouno's Bag & Coordination Lesson" are also serialized.
There are plenty of sewing machine quilt lessons and exhibition reports where you can enjoy various places.

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* Note that it is written in Japanese.

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