7 Country Check Fabric Set (with English instruction)

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* The set in the image is an example. Fabrics in the set may differ from the sample. 

Limitted to 200 set! 

Pre-dyed woven fabric set with 7 pieces.
The country check is good for binding, appliques, an accecnt fabric, and much more.
The small check design is easy to use.

 The customer who order this fabric set will get English instruction for "Checkers Drawstring Pouch".
Finish size of pouch (about): 19.5cm length, 23.5cm width

For make "Checkers Drawstring Pouch", you need flat cord 4.5cm width (grey, beige, 0.6cm each), real leather tags for cord end (heart, brown).

Size of each fabric (about): 26cm×30cm, 7pieces

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