2109, 8 Fine Ridge Corduroy Fabric Set (with Free instruction)

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* The image is an example. Fabrics in the set may differ from the image.

Fine ridge corduroy fabric set with 8 piece.
The ultra-flexible finish makes it soft to the touch and easy to handle.

The customer who orders "2109, 8 Fine Ridge Corduroy (with Free instruction)" will get the free English instruction for "Corduroy Bag". 
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"Herringbone Tape, 4.5cm width" (0.7m is required) 
"Fusible Interfacing for Bottom (Sokonueru)"  (21.2×18.2cm is required)
"[ 20%OFF / SALE ] 2021-09-A20 (with Free instruction), Price per 0.1m, Minimum order is 0.1m~". (0.5m is required for the backing)
Finish size of "Corduroy Bag" (about): 22.5cm length, 40m width, 18cm gusset width

Size (about): 24cm×30cm, 8 pcs / set

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