Spanish Monogram Velvet (Japanese instruction only)

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Limited to 40 sets for each color

Thick velvet monogram pattern fabric from Spain.
The H alphabet is woven like a monogram into the soft velvet.
As it is sturdy, it is recommended not only for bags and pouches, but also for cartonnages and panels for a luxurious finish. 

The customer who orders this fabric will have the free Japanese instruction for "Shoulder Pouch and Mobile Phone Case"
You can make one shoulder pouch and one mobile phone case with this fabric.
You need 0.3m of lining fabric Separately.
Recommended accessry set: "Accessory Set for "Shoulder and Mobile Phone Case" with Spanish Monogram Velvet"
Finish size (about): Shoulder pouch 23.5cm length, 23cm width / Mobile Phone Case 17cm length, 11cm width

Size of fabric (about): 29cm×69cm, 1 piece

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