Centenary 29, 45 All Print Fabric Set (with Free English instruction)

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* The image is a sample. Fabrics in the set may differ from the image.

The 29th Centenary Collection is now available.
The Centenary Collection is designed by Yoshiko Saito, considering the patterns and colors she would like to use in her works.

This collection is rich in variety such as leafless tree pattern that is used in Yoko Saito's works, wood grain pattern that is indispensable for appliqué, large flower print fabric that can only be found at "Quilt Party", check and small flower pattern that is simple but essential for making works, etc.
Please use it to create your own works.

Set of 45 all print fabrics that are included in Centenary 29.

The customer who orders this fabric set will get the free English instruction for "Rounded Corner Pouch".
Cute pouch with squares lined up diagonally.
This is an arrangement of the bowtie pattern.
It has the rounded cornes that makes it easy to use.
Finish size of "Rounded Corner Pouch" (about): Length 13.5cm, width 17cm, gusset 4cm

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Size of each fabric (about): 25cm×25cm, 45 pieces / set 

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