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* Orders of fabric are in units of 0.1m. Minimum order is 0.1m.
* Price is per 0.1m.
* How to enter in the quantity column: 0.1m → 1 / 0.5m → 5 / 1m → 10
* Fabric width is about 1.1m.

Linen blend print fabric designed by Yoko Saito.
It contains cotton 80% amd linen 20%.
The stylish Scandinavian design is expressed in a square of about 6cm square.
Recommended for making bags and interior accessories.

10367-A (0.4m) is used in the sample bag "Oblong Bag" (27cm x 48cm) in the image.
Please refer to the Japanese instruction in  "Sutekini (Fantastic) Handmade, July 2021 issue"

The customer who orders more than 0.3m of the fabric in "Yoko Saito, Original Print 10367, 10368, 10369, 10370, 10371" will get the English instruction for "Square Caddy".
You can make one large and one small caddy with 30cm each of the outer and lining fabrics.
Finish size of caddy (about): Large-12cm L x 12cm W x 12cm D, Small- 10cm L x 10cm W x 10cm D 

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