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* Orders of fabric are in units of 0.1m. Minimum order is 0.1m.
* Price is per 0.1m.
* How to enter in the quantity column: 0.1m → 1 / 0.5m → 5 / 1m → 10
* Fabric width is about 1.1m.

Saito Yoko's new original prints are now available.
This collection is full of cuteness and is recommended for bags, pouches, interior accessories, etc.
All three types are cotton linen canvas fabrics (80% cotton, 20% linen).
They are processed on a natural base so as not to damage the original texture of the linen.
As a result, there may be uneven coloring, color fading, and neps. We ask for your understanding in this regard.

Print fabric with slightly irregular large polka dots.
The chunky stitch-like pattern is the point of the design.
Both the calm colors of beige and gray and the bright colors of orange and blue look lovely.

The pattern is large, so even if you purchase the required length of fabric, the pattern may not come out the same as the sample.

"Round Bag" is introduced in"Yoko Saito, My Favorite things, Clothes, Fabric Bags, Accessories" (p.14).
Finish size of "Round Bag" (about): Width 30cm, length 21cm, bottom width 15cm
Matrials used in the sample: 0.5m (10628-C) for outer, 0.5m (2024-04-A17) for lining
"2024-04-A16" 0.3m for handle

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