Sutekini (Fantastic) Handmade, April 2022 issue - Beginner's Monthly Quilt, Hand Sewing

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Sutekini (Fantastic) Handmade, April 2022 issue from NHK publisher.

"Sutekini (Fantastic) Handmade" is the Japanese monthly handicraft magazine.

New Series project "Yoko Saito, Beginner's Monthly Quilt" has started from April 2022 issue.
You can learn the basic techniques of patchwork quilts with this project.
Every month, you will make two patterns, and will finish one sampler quilt in the March 2023 issue.

This month's pattern is "No.1 Mayflower" and "No.2 Roman Stripe" 
The applied work is "Roman Stripe Drawstring Pouch".

Hand-sewn sewing that can be easily done with just needles and threads without a sewing machine.
This time, I would like to introduce a T-shirt style blouse that is perfect for the coming season.
Enjoy the soft finish of hand-sewn. 

You will surely find what you want to make and wear according to the season. Full of items that can be enjoyed by those who love handmade items, with careful explanations on how to make them, and the designs and patterns in the appendix. 

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