PICE, Hand-sewnThread (small 200m), Hand Sewing April 2022

PICE, Hand-sewnThread (small 200m), Hand Sewing April 2022

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Note that it is not suitable for quilting.

Hand-sewing thread that is thin and slippery, and is highly recommended for hand sewing such as appliqué and piece work.

This is the standard color of "Pice", right-twisted (S-twisted) yarn for thin and durable hand-sewing yarn, which was born from the raw material of Shappespan.

Smooth sewing without tangling or kinking.
Delicate beadwork and appliqué are beautifully finished.
The antique-style wooden spool is nice.

* The original color of "Quilt Party Original Hand-sewn Thread (small 200m)" is also available in 10 colors.
* The standard colors "401 / white" and "403 / generated" are not in stock. The original colors "Pure White (59)" and "White (143)" are recommended. 

Material: Polyester100%, No.60, 200m length

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