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Thin Optics is a magnifying glass (loupe) that was born in the United States. 
It is specially designed for portability, so you can easily take it out and put it on when you want to see small letters or work at hand.

The main body is thin and light, measuring only 2mm and weighing only 4g, and is a clip-type eyeglass magnifier that is worn between the nostrils, so no need to worry about it becoming a bulky piece of luggage!

The lens is made of polycarbonate material, which is also used for high-grade glasses, so it has a clear vision and is extremely durable.

When you're on the go and want to read the newspaper, you have trouble seeing the fine print nearby, but you forgot your magnifying glass! Have you ever had a problem? The "Thin Optics" comes with a double-sided tape attached to the case, so you can always carry it with you on your smartphone, so you won't accidentally forget it at home

Please note that this product is designed for simple magnification of objects that are within arm's reach. It is not intended to be worn while walking or looking at objects in the distance like glasses.

Size of Thin Optics: 30mm length, 108mm width, 2mm thickness
Size of POD case: 50mm length, 96mm width, 5mm thickness
Weight of Thin Optics: 4g
Weight of POD case: 13g 

Material: Polycarbonate

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