Clover, Assorted Black Piecing Needle, 3 sizes set

Clover, Assorted Black Piecing Needle, 3 sizes set

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Assorted black needles with 3 sizes from Clover.
These clover needles have a black coating that makes them glide more smoothly through the fabric.
They are sharp and thin, and perfect for hand applique and for general hand sewing tasks.
This set is helpful to purchase a multi-size packet of sharps and experiment a bit with handling different lengths.
They are the sharpest finest needles make paper piecing much easier.

Set contents : long-3 pcs, medium-4 pcs, short-3 pcs (10 pcs in total)

Size (about)
Long :      length 39.4mm, thickness 0.56 mm
Medium : length 36.4mm, thickness 0.56 mm
Short :     length 33.3mm, thickness 0.56 mm

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