Clover, Cording Needle Set for Trapunto | patchwork quilt, trapunto, boutis, Clover

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Cording needle set for inserting cording to quilts for trapunto from Clover.
It contains one long needle for cording in a straight line, one short needle for cording short straight lines or curves, one short ball-tip needle for curves, and one yarn threader.
Cording technic gives a raised effect to stitchery designs in trapunto.
* Recommended product: "Cotton Yarn for Trapunto".

Size of needle (about): Long 1.35mm in diameter, 130mm in length 
                                     Short 1.35mm in diameter, 54.6mm in length 
                                     Ball point needle 1.35mm in diameter, ball part 2mm, 28mm in length

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