Clover, Handicraft Stainless Steel Scissors " Sharple 115 "

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Stainless Steel Scissors "Sharple" with sharp sharpness and simple and beautiful design.
Simple and easy-to-use stainless steel scissors for handicrafts that fits into any taste.  
115 is scissors for cutting threads and fabrics.
It is a size that is easy to use for a wide range of purposes, from thread trimming to fabric cutting. 

[ Sharp cutting performance ]
The sharp cutting edge and precision-ground finish provide excellent sharpness and accurate cutting of even the smallest details.
The inner blade is also blasted (pear-shaped) to make the surface smooth. This prevents lint from sticking to the blade when cutting thread bundles or fabric, and ensures consistent cutting comfort.

[ All stainless steel handle with beautiful curves and edges ] 

The thin handle makes it easy to control the edge of the blade and is excellent for fine cutting. The symmetrical shape makes it easy to hold for both right- and left-handed users.
The edges are not angular, so it is gentle on your hand.

Contents: Scissors-whole length 115mm, weight about 30g (un-including sack), Real leather sack (made in Japan)

* Do not cut anything other than thread or fabric.
* Do not drop it or forcefully cut a thick fabric. 

Material: Scissors-stainless steel, Sack-Cow real leather 

Made in Japan

Size of package: 70×155×12mm

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