Freezer Paper, 38cm width ×1.5m

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Freezer paper for sewing pattern.
It is the Thermocompression bonding sewing pattern that can be pasted and peeled off.
It can be directly adhered to the cloth, and it is hard to slip and easy to make!
As it is translucent, and easy to copy!
It can be used 2-3 times repeatedly!
Recommended for appliqués, Hawaiian quilts, stencils, etc. for general sewing such as clothes. 

The method of appliqué using freezer paper is very easy.
No need to make appliqué patterns.
The cloth does not slip easily, and it is easy to fold the seam allowance of round and sharp parts.

Size of freezer paper: 38×150cm
Material: Paper, Polyethylene
Made in USA

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