Clover, Takumi, Circular Knitting Needle, S, 100cm, No.14

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Japanese bamboo circular knitting needle from Clover.
It is a strong and elastic material with hardy fibre.
It is finished to a high specification to ensure wonderfully smooth and snag-free knitting.
It has a metal join however it still remains smooth and snag-free, one of the best transitions from needle to cable we've ever used.  
Its smooth surface is the result of being polished several times with a fine abrasive in the direction of the needle shaft.
This allows the yarn to glide easily along the needles and reduces hard fatigue.
Pleasantly round needlepoint that never splits yarn Clover’s standard of round, even, delicately polished tips leaves no fragments to split yarn.

You can also enjoy the unique and fun “Mobius knitting”, a technique that uses long circular needles.
Once you have made the first stitches, just knit in the same direction as you would with regular circular knitting.
Before you know it, the front side becomes the back side and the back side becomes the front side, like a "Möbius strip", and the twisted knitted wear is completed.
When you put on, it gives volume and movement, making it a fashionable neck warmer, snood, or shawl.

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Materials: Needle-bamboo, cord-nylon, junction-stainless steel (tip) ABS resin 

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