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Special thread holder that you can shape with your own hands.
This item makes use of the characteristics of tin, a soft metal that can be bent by hand.
The thread ball (approximately 35mm in diameter x 30mm in height) is wrapped in a thread holder to prevent it from rolling.
It is delivered in a flat state in the box, so you wrap and bend the thread ball with your own hands to use it.
When you bend tin, it makes a unique sound called "tin cry."
The secret of "Tin Cry," which makes tin cry
When you apply force to soft tin and bend it, it makes a "crackling" sound.
This is a phenomenon called "tin cry," and this unique sound is made because the crystal structure of tin changes when it is bent.
Even if you hear a crackling sound, it will not break easily.
However, please note that bending the same place repeatedly may cause cracks or breakage due to metal fatigue.

This product is a collaboration with Nosaku.
* You can bend it freely by hand.
It is not suitable for daily bending and stretching. Please refrain from excessive bending and stretching.
* It can hold a ball of thread with a diameter of about 35 mm and a height of 30 mm.
* Lace thread is not included.
* As it is handmade by artisans, the color tone and texture of each piece will vary.

Size: Length112mm, width 73mm, thickness 3mm
Weight: 39g
Package size: 143×92×26mm
Material: Tin
Made in Japan

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