Centenary 26, Recommended Color Scheme Set (with Free instruction)

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* This product is a fabric set, not a completed set.

The 26th Centenary Collection is released!.
The Centenary Collection is designed by Yoko Saito, considering the patterns and colors she wants to use when creating her work.

She designed the wide variety of patterns, such as plain patterns which are indispensable for patchwork matching, large patterns which are difficult to find with ready-made fabric, and vivid colored pattern which are recommended for accent colors.
She hopes it will help you make your quilt successful.

Neutral color scheme set
Contents: 40 ㎝ ×35 ㎝ each, 6 pieces / set
10331(E), 10332(E), 10333 (D), 10334 (C), 10336(A), 10337(B)

Deep color scheme set
Relatively deep color set. It is recommended for matching colors, bags and pouches.  It is easy to use for both large and small pieces in patchwork. 
Contents: 40cm×35cm each, 6 pieces / set
10332 (D), 10333(F), 10335(A / D), 10336(F), 10337(C)

The customer who orders either of the two set will get the free English instruction for "Country Stripe Pen Case".
You can make one pen case with one fabric set.
* Separately, binding bias strip, backing fabric and zipper (20cm) are required.

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