Centenary 28, 5 Fabric Set Recommended for Base

Centenary 28, 5 Fabric Set Recommended for Base

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Recommended fabric set for Base with 5 pieces in Centenary 28.

The 28th Centenary Collection designed by Yoko Saito has been released in 2022 !
Centenary Collection is designed by Yoko Saito considering the patterns and colors she wants to use in creating works.
For Centenary 28, 47 kinds of usable fabrics have been created.
The collection is rich in variety, such as antique fabrics arranged, new colors added to the previous Centenary collection, and the first attempt at a printed reproduction of an antique pre-dyed woven fabric.
She hopes you will find them useful for your own projects.

Contents : 10465-A, 10466-A, 10470-A, 10471-A, 10472-A

Size of fabric (about) : 30cm×50cm each, 5 pieces / set

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