Important Information

[ International Shipping Fee ] 

The shipping fee is depend on weight of order, and destination. After accepting your order, we will measure the weight of all products and charge the amount including the shipping fee.
Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.


[ NEW ] Notification of Revision of EMS and International Parcel Rates and Addition of Tentative Extra Charges

Transportation costs and delivery costs overseas have been rising significantly.
To continue providing stable international mail service to our customers, some of our postal rates will be revised and tentative extra charges for EMS to some zones and international parcels handled as air mail will be added for the time being.
Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

[ NEW ] Resumption of temporary suspension and List of temporarily suspended countries and territories (As of Apr 5, 2023)

[ Service availability by country ]

Our acceptance of the order from oversea has been temporarily suspended due to the ongoing reduction in transportation capacity to various countries and territories, there may be delays in the delivery of posted international mail.
In addition, posted mail addressed to countries and territories that cannot be delivered due to transportation route disruptions or other reasons may be returned and the postage may be refunded.
Thank you in advance for your kind understanding.

Temporarily suspended countries and territories

- The temporarily suspended countries and territories as noted below are excerpted from the list of the Japan Post.
- According to the situation, there is a high possibility that the number of suspended countries and territories will be changed.


United Kingdom**, Russia

Dominican Republic, Guatemala

Uruguay, Paraguay, Venezuela

** To the United Kingdom
UK's tax system has changed because of EU withdrawal.
So we can't send commercial parcel to UK.

Sorry for this inconvenience.
Now we will do our best become able to resume ship to UK.

[ NEW ] New EU 2021 VAT Rules Important Information

The European Union (EU) is making important changes to its value-added tax (VAT) rules, which come into effect on July 1, 2021.
When postal items are sent to and received from abroad,
they may be subjected to customs duty, VAT as well as consumption tax according to the sum and quantity of their content.
Additionally, the postal entity of the destination country may charge customs clearance fee.
Payment of customs duties and other taxes due during customs clearance will be the responsibility of the recipient.
Please pay the delivery company when you receive your parcel.
[ 2021 VAT Rates in Europe ]

We are looking forward to your order.