Shipping and Tax

- Shipping -

International Shipping fee: The shipping fee is depend on weight of order, and destination. After accepting your order, we will measure the weight of all products and charge the amount including the shipping fee.

Delivery Carrier: JAPAN POST (EMS or E-Packet) or YAMATO International TA-Q-BIN ( Operated by YAMATO & UPS )

Delivery days: 1~7 business day

  • We offer E-packet for shipping small package under 2kg and length + width + thickness = 90cm. It is cheaper price comparing to EMS (International Express Mail). Maximum compensation is 6,000yen for actual damages.
  • If the total package size exceeds e-Packet size, we send by EMS.
  • The weight limit for packages sent by EMS is 30kg per box. If the weight, including packaging, exceeds 30kg, the products are divided into 2 boxes, and the EMS shipping charge will apply to both.

EMS Shipping fee (JAPAN POST)

YAMATO International TA-Q-BIN (Operated by YAMATO & UPS)


[ NEW ] Notification of Revision of EMS and International Parcel Rates and Addition of Tentative Extra Charges

- TAX -

Customs Clearance Fee, Customs Duty and Consumption Tax for International Mail

When postal items are sent to and received from abroad,
they may be subjected to customs duty as well as consumption tax according to the sum and quantity of their content.
Additionally, the postal entity of the destination country may charge customs clearance fee.
Please be informed that paying the relevant taxes is the responsibility of the recipient.