Chaco Ace, Moonveil, 5 pcs / set

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Adger Moonveil soft tracing paper.
You can trace very easily watching the original design through transparent MOONVEIL.
MOONVEIL can be used many times after erasing the marking.
Please use Transfer Marker with MOONVEIL together. "Chaco Ace, Transfer Marker"

Please do not use the different color pens at the same time on the same markings.
Sometimes, the mixed color markings shall not be disappeared clearly.
When you erase the marking on MOONVEIL, please erase with pure water (not chemical water) by sprayer or soft towel, to avoid any damage of MOONVEIL which can be used again after complete dry of water.

Contents: 30cm x 50cm, 5 pieces / set

[How to use]
1. Place the Moonveil onto a design or pattern, and trace the underlaid image with the transfer marker.
2. Place the Moonveil with the image onto a material, then trace the lines again with the transfer marker.
Make suer not use the other transfer marker with a different color.
3. You can get duplicated image the material.

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Chaco Ace, Moonveil, 5 pcs / set