[ Cohana / Order product ] Mini Colored Pencils in Ukigami Box ( 45-081, 45-082, 45-084, 45-085 )

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* Pink, Green and Blue are not available.

Paper little box and colored pencils in "Cohana" brand from Kawaguchi, Japanese manufacture.

Six miniature colored pencils are tucked neatly into an exquisite keepsake box made with Ukigami, embossed washi paper. The stylish sewing-pin design comes in six vibrant colors, and the box itself can be reused as a case for business cards, accessories, sewing notions, and more.

Pencils are manufactured by Camel Pencil Mfg., one of the oldest and most respected pencil manufacturers in Japan, having been founded in 1939 in Tokyo's Arakawa Ward. Highly pigmented and comfortable in the hand, pencils come in Cohana's signature five colors plus black. A matching color thread is wound on the end of each pencil.

Both practical and adorable, this mini pencil set is perfect for taking on-the-go so you never miss a thought, a sketch, or a design. Excellent when paired with the Ukigami Memo Pad (2.5 mm Grid).

Producing Regions : Tokyo & Fukui

[ Product size ]
Width 63mm
Length 104mm
Thickness 18mm
Colored pencils Length 88mm, Diameter 7.6mm
* All measurements are for reference. Please note in advance that the actual dimensions and weight of the product may slightly vary.

[ Handling Precautions ]
* There may be an appearance person and the uneven coloring of the pattern, but please enjoy the floating paper as a texture to make it by hand one by one.
The water wet becomes the cause that Japanese paper comes off.
Because a color is given the surface, I may make color migration to others when I rub.
Please do not put it in a place getting the direct rays of the sun and a place becoming the high temperature, the humid place.
Please do not use the colored pencil in a purpose except writing and the drawing.
You lick it, and please do not include it in a mouth.
As a core may be broken, you drop it, and please do not give a shock.
Because the tip of the core is sharp, please be careful about the handling enough.
As the leather tag uses genuine leather, I may expand and contract to some extent. It may cause discoloration, the stain when I get wet with water and sweat.
Please keep it out of reach of infants.

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