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Antibacterial! Non-contact ring for touching buttons without direct contact.
Pressure-sensitive touch panel support. Easy-to-coordinate colors.

After the outbreak of the new coronavirus, the ring was born based on the voices of people who were concerned about direct contact with a part of the body that is touched by an unspecified number of people. 
The simple design of the ring makes it inconspicuous and easy to blend in with fashion, even when used on a daily basis.

upport for touch panels such as ATMs and self-checkout machines.
Also support for pressure-sensitive touch panels such as bank ATMs and self-checkout registers.
* It is not compatible with electrostatic touch panels such as smartphones.
Since it is molded with an antibacterial agent, the effect lasts unlike surface processing. 
* Antibacterial function does not suppress the growth of all bacteria. 
* What is antibacterial?
It is to "suppress the growth of bacteria". It means creating an environment where bacteria are hard to live in advance. It does not have the effect of killing or removing bacteria like "sterilization" and "sterilization", but it means suppressing or inhibiting the growth of bacteria. 

Let's make infection control fashionable!
Just as color masks and design masks are popular, more and more people want to make their infection control fashionable. The simple design makes it easy to wear on or off, making it easy to get used to in everyday coordination. 

Since it does not use metal, it can be applied to people with metal allergies. 

S size (about No.13-14) About 17.3mm in inner diameter
M size (about No.16-17) About 18.4mm in inner diameter
Maerial: AS resin
Made in Japan

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