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This set includes a lovely kokeshi doll pincushion, an Iida mizuhiki needle threader and a flower-shaped Wooden Thread Spool.
A perfect gift set that will bring a smile to everyone's face.

[ Set Contents ]
Kokeshi Doll Pincushion *
Iida mizuhiki Needle Threader
Wooden Thread Spool White
* Three quality needles from Meboso Hachirobei Shoten are inside the Kokeshi Doll Pincushion.

[ Products size ]
- Kokeshi Doll Pincushion -
Height 90mm, Diameter 30mm

- Needles -
Length 36.4mm, Thickness 0.71mm

-  Iida mizuhiki Needle Threader -
Length 42mm, Width 28mm

- Wooden Thread Spool ( White ) -
Length 35mm, Width 35mm, Thickness 5mm
* All measurements are for reference. Please note in advance that the actual dimensions and weight of the product may slightly vary.

Made in Japan

[ Handling Precautions ]
* Kokeshi dolls are made of natural wood, so there are differences in color and grain. Also, as the years go by, the white bark gradually changes to a lighter color. Please enjoy it as a texture.
Facial expressions are hand-painted by craftsmen, so there are individual differences.
* It may fade when exposed to direct sunlight or strong lighting for a long time.
* The surface is coated with lacquer, but if you polish it with wet hands or a cloth, the color may fade.When cleaning, please polish it with a dry cloth.
* The joint may not close or loosen due to humidity or temperature changes. Please keep it closed.
* Please use away from things that are affected by magnetism, such as personal computers, mobile phones, and electronic devices.
* Do not use the needle for anything other than sewing.
* The needle tip is sharp and dangerous, so be careful when handling lost needles.
* After use, wipe off sweat and grease to prevent rust.
* Be careful not to let the needles get stuck in the needle pincushion.
This product is for needle holder only. Do not use it for any other purpose.
* Since they are handmade, there are slight differences in size and pattern.
* Due to the characteristics of paper, mizuhiki may be blurred, but please enjoy it as a texture.
* The mizuhiki top is made of paper so fading, discoloration, and deformation may occur due to water, friction, humidity, and ultraviolet rays.
* The tip of the threader is extremely thin, so please handle it with care.
* It may be damaged if pulled strongly.
* Scratches and stains can be lightly wiped with oil or cream for wood products. If it still concerns you, use sandpaper to lightly polish along the grain of the wood.
Do not expose the product to direct sunlight, high temperatures, or high humidity. Doing so may cause discoloration, deformation, or mold.
* Keep out of reach of infants.

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