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A set of Cohana's small sewing tools in the Hexagonal Temari Box.
The Temari on top of the box and the sewing tools inside are arranged in matching colors.
This is a great gift both to give and to receive.

[ Set Contents / Size ]
Hexagonal Temari Box / Diameter 90mm, Height 73mm (Box 50mm + Temari 23mm), Weight 68g
Mini Masu Pincushion
Masu15mm, length 15mm, thickness 20mm
Marking pin / Full length 37mm, a dragonfly ball diameter 5mm, thickness 0.5mm
Seki Mini Scissors / Length 35mm, Width 22mm, Thickness 12mm
Meboso Needle Set (Light to Medium Weight) / Length 33.3 - 39.4mm, Thickness 0.56 - 0.71 mm
Tombo-dama Sewing Pins / Full length 35mm, Tombo-dama bead diameter 5mm, Thickness 0.5mm
Wooden Thread Spool, White / Length 35mm, Width 35mm, Thickness 5mm
Iida Mizuhiki Needle ThreaderLength 42mm, Width 28mm

[ Package Size ]
Length 42mm Width 28mm

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