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This unique brass spool is a miniature version of traditional wooden Odamaki spools, which were used for weaving in preindustrial Japan.

The spool is cast and polished in Takaoka Seisakusho Co., Toyama, a city with a 400-year history of high-quality metalworking. At 5 mm square, the Brass Odamaki Spool is the epitome of excellent craftsmanship and characteristic Japanese precision.

Silk thread is hand-wound by Marimo Studio, a silk specialist in Fukuoka Prefecture, and can be used in any sewing project. The brass spool can also function as a pen rest and a paperweight.
* Can be used as a pen rest
* The end of the thread can be inserted into the notch

Producing Regions
Toyama, Fukuoka

[ Product size ]
Width 33mm
Depth 33mm
Height 35mm
Thread length About 6m
* All measurements are approximate. Please note in advance that the actual dimensions of the product may slightly vary.

Made in Japan

[ Handling Precautions ]
* As the brass ages, the color becomes darker and the texture increases as it is used. If you want to restore the original shine, polish it with a metal abrasive, metal polish, or a polishing cloth.
* Do not leave it on water or acidic materials. It may discolor. In rare cases, green rust and green rust may occur. It is non-toxic and harmless, but if you are concerned, clean it as follows. Please apply the same amount of salt mixed with vinegar to a cloth and rub it directly on the place where green rust is occurring to polish it off. After that, wash it and dry it well.
* When using as a dressmaking text Do not place it directly on the fabric or slide it on the fabric. It may cause the fabric to tear or transfer color.
* As a characteristic of silk thread, it may fade or discolor due to friction, humidity and ultraviolet rays.
* The end of the thread can be fixed by inserting it into the notch between the strut and the upper cross.
* Please note that dropping or giving an impact may cause damage.
* Keep out of reach of infants.

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