KAWAGUCHI, Nuno Deco (Cloth Decoration) Tape, Variety Pack

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Cloth decoration tape pack with 15 kinds ( 5cm×1.5cm each).

[Fairy tale] Fairy tale cute pattern
[Feminine] Flower pattern and other feminine patterns
[Handsome] Camouflage, animals, etc. handsome pattern

This pack contains 3 types with different patterns.
Enjoy the unique texture of cloth by using it for wrapping and cards, or by decorating stationery, 100 girls series, etc.
* Nuno Deco Tape is a cloth decoration tape.

- Easy to cut with scissors because it comes with release paper.
・You can write letters and it is difficult to see through.
・It can be ironed onto clothes and cloth.
・It can be pasted on other than cloth.

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