KAWAGUCHI, Set of Pocket Sized Weaving Loom and Weaving Yarns (Pokeori) (Japanese instrcution only)

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Set of pocket sized weaving loom and various yarns (Pokeori).
You can enjoy it right away, and it also is perfect for presents!
The loom body and comb are made of 51% scallop shells.
The needle is made of strong paper.
Both can be disposed of as combustible waste. 

You can make 1-2 woven items with the size of about 3cm wide x 5cm length with yarns in this kit. threads.
* Depending on the weaving method, the number of creations will change.

Set Contents: Weaving loom (width 6.4× height 7.5cm), comb, needle, yarns, Japanese Instruction

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