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Flower Motif Awaji Kawara Small Needle Rest
Awaji Island in Hyogo Prefecture, blessed with good soil, is one of the leading Kawara (Japanese traditional roof tiles) producing areas in Japan. A flower motif Awaji Kawara tile has a built-in magnet inside.

This is a ceramic tile, one of the Awaji Kawara roof tiles, which is glazed and fired. The tiles have a smooth texture glossy color coat on the rustic texture. Two colors are available: gentle " White" and chic "Gray."

With a needle rest, the many times between needlework operations of "putting down a needle" and "taking up a needle" become very smooth. It also eliminates the frustration and haste of looking for a needle in the middle of needlework.

You can use the bottom of the needle rest to pick up dropped needles in a smart way. It can also be used as a clip holder around the desk or as a magnet to hold memos and photos.

The size is 27mm in diameter. It is smaller in size than the same series "Awaji Kawara Magnetic Needle Rest with Needle Polisher."

[ How to use the needle polisher ]
1. Slowly insert a needle from the tip into the hole on the side and pull the needle out. Please be careful of the needle tip.

2. For better polishing, after inserting the needle, move it back and forth while pushing up on the logo mark on the bottom also rotate the needle several times to polish the entire surface.

3. In case abrasive dust adheres to the needle, wipe it off with a cloth before using the needle.

"Cohana" brand is high quality handmade tools made by the selective use of regional products and the best craftsmanship.
The brand name 'Cohana' is derived from the goddess Konohanasakuya-hime from Japanese mythology.
Konohanasakuya-hime is beautiful like the blooming of cherry tree blossoms, and worshipped as a goddess of Mt. Fuji, the symbol of Japan, and symbolises prosperity.

[ Producer ]
Awaji Kawara | Irakato / South Awaji City of Awaji Island
Irakato, located in Tsui, South Awaji City of Awaji Island, was established in 1950 and has inherited the Kawara (Japanese traditional roof tiles) manufacturing method from his grandfather's generation. Using good soil from the island, Irakato makes a wide variety of products in search of new possibilities for Kawara that add colors to everyday life.

[ Product size ]
Diameter 27mm
Height 10mm
* All measurements are approximate. Please note in advance that the actual dimensions of the product may slightly vary.

[ Product size ]
Width 52mm
Height 20mm
Depth 52mm

[ Materials ]
Ceramic, Magnet, Polyester, Polyurethane

[ Handling Precautions ]
* There are individual differences in the finish of ceramics due to climate at the time of manufacture, soil, and natural minerals in the glaze.
This product has a built-in magnet. Please keep it away from electronic devices such as PCs and cell phones.
Some stainless steel products may not adhere to magnet.
Synthetic leather on the bottom may fade or stain when wet with water or sweat.
Dropping or strong impact may cause damage.
Keep out of reach of infants.

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