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* This product is ordered by the manufacturer and may take some time to deliver.
* This product is sold in about 25m roll. (Please note that it is not exactly 25m.)
   There may be seams along the way.
* If you would like to purchase by cut, please order in "English Tape, 24mm width".

French ribbon-shaped tape with woven English letters.
The appearance of the color changes on the right side and the wrong side of the tape. 
They recommended for adults and children's bags !
As it is soft, it is perfect for eco bags ! 

Khaki tape is used in "Embroidered Pochette (without instruction and pattern) in "Yoko Saito, Little Things on the Palm".

Size of tape (about) : About 25m roll (Please note that it is not exactly 25m.), 24mm width

Material : Polyester 100%, Made in French 

* As our product is being sold in the actual shop and the online shop in parallel, there is a possibility that it may be sold out. Please kindly cancel the order if this happens.