Japanese Lame Embroidery Thread, COSMO

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15 Cinnabar red / 19 Termeric / 26 Berlin blue has been discontinued.

Hand embroidery thread made in Japan
It is used Japanese kimonos and make use of technique of the used gilt thread and made up carefully of Kyoto.
There are two kinds of threads different in the glossiness.
No.01-23 for paper embroidery, tassel, winding ball.
No.24-33 for French embroidery, cross stitch, punch needle.

"No.23 silver" is used in "Lapland Bag".
"No.33 silver" is used in "Pill Case kKit".

Length: 20m

How to handle:
・It cannot be used with a sewing machine.
・Avoid high temperature and humidity at the time of the storage, and please be careful not to        touch real leather and the rubber product again.
・When there is sweat, please wash it with a synthetic detergent immediately.

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