COSMO, Frame Kit for "100 Girls Style Book, Fashionable Dress-up"

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No assembling required, design printed.
As the frame is included, you can enjoy decorating it immediately after making it.

You can learn the basics of embroidery while enjoying dressing up like a coloring book!
Recommended for those who are new to embroidery. It's easy to get started.
Let's stitch cutely as you like!
The wide range of enjoyment from beginners to advanced users. 
100 girls are printed in different hairstyles, clothes, poses, etc.
Find your favorite style and enjoy dressing up like a coloring page. 

Contents: Cosmo No. 25 embroidery thread, embroidery cloth (cotton cloth for free stitch with printed design), embroidery needle, single-sided fusible sheet, frame, Japanese instruction for how to make
Things to prepare: Scissors, iron, tape, chaco pen or pencil
Size (about): Frame (outer dimension), Ballerina 10 cm × 13.6cm, Friendly 11.7 cm × 11.7cm (Completed size)
Time required for production: Estimated 5-9 hours
Difficulty level: Beginner
Country of origin : Japan

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