COSMO, Print Cloth for Enjoying Embroidery, Makabe Alice, Swallow and Plant Patter

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* This is a kit, not a completed product.

Kit of design printed cloth and 7 colors of embroidery threads selected by the artist to match the design.
You can arrange the finished embroidery work as you like.
It is also nice to make it into a 2L size photo frame or a pocket of a simple eco bag.

"Makabe Alice, swallow and plant pattern"
It is designed like a single pattern by combining a swallow form with a plant motif.
The swallow is also said to be a symbol of good luck.
Its sharp form is attractive.
The swallow is a familiar bird that builds nests under the eaves of houses in early summer.

Difficulty level: Easy-Medium

Kit contents: Embroidery cloth No.1700 Cotton cloth for free stitching (100% cotton) 93 pale gray / 82 stone gray (Made in Japan)
* The design is printed with ink that does not disappear with water.
COSMO no.25 embroidery thread (100% cotton) (Made in Japan)
Stitch instruction

Kit contents : Embroidery cloth No.1700 Cotton cloth for free stitching (100% cotton)

Things you have to prepare: Embroidery needle (pointed), scissors, patch cloth, iron, embroidery frame

Size of printed cloth (about): 22.5cm length, 17.5cm width
Size of design (about): 17cm length, 12cm width (2L size)

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