COSMO, Zizashi Embroidery Kit, Card Case

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Kit of card case with Zizashi embroidery.
Zizashi Embroidery is one of the representative techniques of Totsuka embroidery, which is the general term for a technique to create patterns by combining stitches while counting fabric stitches.
The use of many simple stitches allows beginners to enjoy this product.
Also, the design can be expanded infinitely by combining them.

Contents: Cosmo No. 25 embroidery thread, embroidery cloth java cloth 65, plain, embroidery needle, one-sided fusible sheet, Japanese instructions for how to make
Things to prepare: scissors, pen or pencil, sewing needle, thread (Lignt gray), scale. iron, marking pin, embroidery hoop
Size (about): Length 6cm, Width 11cm (completed size)
Time required for production: Estimated 10-12 hours 
Difficulty: Beginner ( Volume: middle )
Count stitch of fabric:16 count
Number of embroidery threads: 3 strands
Country of origin : Japan

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