COSMO, Printed Cloth for Enjoying Embroidery, Kohana, Rabbit and Flower Wreath

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* This is a kit, not a completed product.

Kit of design printed cloth and 7 colors of embroidery threads selected by the artist to match the design.
You can arrange the finished embroidery work as you like.
It is also nice to make it into a 2L size photo frame or a pocket of a simple eco bag.

Kit contents: Embroidery cloth No.1700 Cotton cloth for free stitching (100% cotton),
33 Pink / 44 Turquoise green (Made in Japan)
* The design is printed with ink that does not disappear with water.
COSMO no.25 embroidery thread (100% cotton) (Made in Japan)
With stitch instructions that written in Japanese.
* Stitch explanations are included in the instructions, so please enjoy embroidering by referring to them and combining your favorite color schemes and stitches.

Things you have to prepare: Embroidery needle (pointed), scissors, patch cloth, iron, embroidery frame

Size of printed cloth (about): 22.5cm length, 17.5cm width
Size of design (about): 17cm length, 12cm width (2L size)

From Kohana, the embroidery designer:
The wreaths with plenty of flowers and a cute rabbit allow you to enjoy both plants and animals.
By printing the areas such as the rabbit's face in white, it is designed so that you can enjoy embroidery by reducing the difficult part to embroider.have devised a way to reduce the difficult areas to embroider and enjoy embroidery.
Of course, if you want to embroider everything, you can embroider from the top of the print.
It's wonderful whether you display it as is or make it into a mini bag.
Difficulty level : Easy - Medium

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