Metal Clasp with Hooks, Sew-on type, H18-S

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Sew-on metal clasp for palm-size pouch.
You can use it for holding small things such as lipstick, medicine, and disinfectant goods.

* It is used in "Disinfectant Goods Holder" (p.28) in "Yoko Saito, Simple Clothes and Little Things I Want to Make Now". 

*It is used "Metal Clasp Pouch" on the cover and p.6 in "Yoko Saito, Little Things on the Palm". (* The instruction for "Metal Clasp Pouch" is introduced in "Basic Lesson".)

* It is used in "Ball-shaped Mini Pouch" (p.34) in "Yoko Saito and Quilt Party, Our Quilt"

Size of metal clasp (about):  6cm width ×3cm length, 1cm thickness (un-including ball closure)

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